Christine Bouchard


Christine started her hair journey back in 2012 at Hair’s How Modern School of Beauty in Wakefield and never looked back. During her time in hair school, she started putting in some hours on the floor through the associate’s program at Carl Michael Salon, where she built up her core clientele and gained valuable on-the-job experience. Christine quickly worked her way up to a Level-4 in just 4 short years.

Christine decided to take the next step in her journey renting a chair while pregnant with her second child for the flexibility that comes with being her own boss. Although a great experience and comfortable career, she found herself wanting to make another move in her career after reading a self-motivating book called “The Slight Edge.” In 2020, Christine and her business partner, Linda, decided to open up their own salon…  in the middle of a pandemic. She is excited to bring a unique and energetic salon to her hometown of Beverly. What better place than one of Beverly’s original fire stations.

Christine is passionate about what she does – working late into the night multiple days a week. And when she’s not working at the salon, she’s up all night thinking about how she can make it the best experience possible. She continues to further her education and keep up with current industry trends to sharpen her skill-set.

“One of the most rewarding parts of my job is seeing my clients happy with their results and continuing to come back. It’s been an amazing experience building relationships with so many kind and generous people. Thank you for allowing me to do what I love every single day.”